Any day now

maledetti caffè presi ad orari sbagliati che ti impediscono il sonno e trasformano la notte in giorno… che si fa in questi casi? Si scrive, sperando che ciò aiuti a conciliare il sonno.

any day now

I lost myself and all my securities

I was wandering through all my troubles

seeing all the pieces of me

who were looking at me

finding the emergency exit.

It didn’t exist.

There was no possibility to escape from there.

I was trapped in my mind

in myself

in my problems

Shouting into the darkness

nobody was there but me

I was alone in all the pieces of me.

It looked like it was midnight forever there

without the moonlight.

In each corner I found a piece of broken mirror with my reflection

black and defaced

I was everywhere

and nowhere

I tried to run away from me

it was an utopia

I couldn’t do it.

Falling into the black.

Any day now

I woke up and I said

“it was a nightmare

I’ve been afraid”

Next to me

I found a piece of mirror:

the nightmare came out

and it started being reality.

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